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It's that easy to switch to hkk

Simply fill out the membership application and send it to hkk - done.

If you switch to hkk from another statutory health insurance company, you must be insured there for at least 12 months. After that, you can change insurance providers about 2 months after submitting your application (for example: If we receive your membership application on January 15th, the change will take place on April 1st).

There are also other options for switching - for example, if your current health fund increases the additional contribution or if you take up a new job (additional information available below).

We take care of everything

- including the cancellation of your old health insurance. About three weeks after receiving your application for membership, we will send you a letter with further information and, if necessary, requesting additional information or documents from you. One to two weeks after everything has been received at the hkk, we will send you the new health insurance card.

Fully insured

In case there is a delay in the change of providers, the change date will be postponed by a month. If, for some reason,  the change cannot be carried out, you will automatically stay with your previous health insurance company. The change may only take place if the statutory deadlines have been complied with and all legally required information and documents have been received by us in full. However we make it easy for you: This is why our online membership application only asks for mandatory information pertaining to your specific status  (e.g. employees, students, self-employed).

Further information on changing health insurance provider

Any questions?

The right to choose a health insurance provider has only briefly been explained here. We will be happy to help you with any questions. Please call our hotline at +49 (0)421 3655-8584.


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